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i want every frame of this tattooed on my body and then i want it on my gravestone

the icecream

children in a nutshell


Why do I keep watching this?
My heart breaks every time ;-;

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Holy shit

For some reason, after looking at this amazing piece of art…all I’m left with is a craving for chicken tacos. 

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Favourite People: Jason Bateman
↳ "There was a time in my life - it was a solid two and a half years - that I went commando, and for some reason those two and a half years are the exact two and a half years of Arrested Development. So, in every episode you see of Arrested Development I want you to know that beneath the khakis there is nothing but skin and a little bit of hair."

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New by Banksy!
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Helicoprion is a genus of prehistoric shark-like fish that lived from the late Carboniferous to the Permian mass extinction, 310 to 250 million years ago.  They are distinguished by spiral clusters of teeth, called ‘tooth whorls’.  These structures may have functioned to allow the teeth to be continually regenerated throughout life.  Because these animals had skeletons made of cartilage, not much else in known about their body structure or lifestyle.


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Dirty thunderstorms

A dirty thunderstorm (also, Volcanic lightning) is a weather phenomenon that occurs when lightning is produced in a volcanic plume. A study in the journal Science indicated that electrical charges are generated when rock fragments, ash, and ice particles in a volcanic plume collide and produce static charges, just as ice particles collide in regular thunderstorms.

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"Google has Google Maps, which is incredibly helpful. Especially, you know, when I find myself, you know. Drunk in an alley. Surrounded by feral cats. And rogue warriors."

For real, dude! It’s especially a problem cuz I’m allergic to cats. And warriors.  (via wheezytumblr)

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You should follow @capricecrane

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Me trying to think of date ideas.

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favorite ones

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